December Guest Speaker

December Guest Speaker


 Rhonda McCune teaches English Art: Drawing, Ceramics, Painting, Crafts, Sculpture at NHIA Community Education as well as teaches The Essence of Watercolor Book Arts Educator’s Workshop Studio 550.

My first passion is as an art educator. I love to help my students mine their creativity through various media, including watercolor painting and the craft of book art. I encourage them to explore and express their ideas through observation and imagination.

My recent courses in watercolor ask students to apply technique and composition expressively and abstractly, allowing the medium to drive the outcome using a balance of letting go and control and the incorporation of “happy accidents” in their work.

All classes include student/instructor critiques of finished and on-going work. Most important is the transmutation of ideas, techniques and styles. My students are encouraged to fully embrace the creative process and share with one another their individual experimentation in that process.

Additionally, I have used watercolor painting as art therapy with friends who have suffered from brain tumors and Alzheimer’s disease. The results are stunning and serve as a kind of immortality for their loved ones.

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