MAA membership is open to anyone over 18 years old who enjoys art. Dues are $35 per year and we would love to welcome you as our newest member!The MAA year begins on the first Monday following Labor Day.

The MAA is an all volunteer organization. “Artists Helping Artists”  Please read about us and if your interested in becoming a member then complete the Membership Application form and either bring to the next monthly meeting with your check (made out to MAA) or Mail to MAA, PO BOX 16731, Hooksett, NH. 03106

Membership Benefits

  • Monthly meetings with speaker presentations, demonstrations, and critiques at the NHIA. Meetings are held on the first Monday of the month from September through May at 7pm, with the annual banquet replacing the monthly meeting for June.
  • MAA Artist of the Month and MAA Artist of the Year programs.
  • The MAA Website, including a listing in the MAA Showcase.
  • Subscription to “AHA” the MAA monthly newsletter.
  • Multiple shows throughout the year including the Art in the Park Festival.
  • Access to a lending library of art books and videos.
  • The MAA Scholarship Program for New Hampshire high school seniors.
  • Discounts at local frame shops including Becky’s Frame Studio, E.W. Poore and Framers Market.
  • Volunteer opportunities in the art community.
  • A chance to network and build friendships with fellow artists.

Members Showcase

The MAA Online Showcase is a wonderful opportunity for MAA members to create or increase their own web presence and drive interest to their own site. Inclusion of contact information in the Showcase is a free service provided to MAA members.

Adding an entry to the Showcase is easy. Merely complete the Showcase portion of the Membership Application with the information you want included in your entry or forward the information to

Adding an image to your entry brings the additional benefits of:

  • Increasing exposure for your work and adding visual interest to your Showcase entry.
  • Making a sample of your work available as part of the random display on the MAA homepage.

To add an image to your entry, include the annual fee with your Membership Application to the PO Box address listed on the MAA”Contact Us” page.

At the same time send a digital version of the image, in the format described in the Showcase section of the Membership Application, to the Showcase email address listed on the “Contact Us” page. Once your fee has been received and processed your image will be added to the Showcase.

At the current time there are no restrictions on how frequently you may change the image associated with your Showcase entry.

Members Store

With your membership you can sell your original artwork in our store.  Email your image to with information about: price, title, size, medium and whether it is framed or not. The artists is responsible for shipping their piece when sold.  The MAA will take in the sale thru Paypal and send a check to the artist. (Note the store sales are still under discussion with the board members on how to proceed with the store we will inform you here when all the details are worked out.)

Join us now and become part of a community of Artists helping Artists



Below is a list (Revised December 2017) of your board members along with positions that are currently open. Please read each open position and consider where you might be able help fill an area of need! WE NEED YOU!!!!

  • President: OPEN (Aline Lotter -Acting)- Facilitates the running of monthly, general meetings and the board meetings.
  • Vice President: Laurie LeFleur – Organizes “Art in the Park” show and fills in for the President when needed.
  • Secretary: Jim O’Donnell – Takes notes and records all minutes of both general and board meetings.
  • Treasurer: Aline Lotter – Keeps all the financials in order and reports all to the board.
  • Program Director: Sean D Jameson – Finds guest speakers for our meetings. Collects their bio info to go in the newsletter the month before; organizes annual banquet meeting.
  • Exhibits Director: Jim O’Donnell, Judy Palfrey, Laurie Lafleur – Is in charge of coordinating and maintaining programs.
  • Librarian:Gin Demers – Maintains our free lending library of books and DVD’s. (Free as long as you return it.)
  • Membership: Rollande Rousselle – Maintains our membership list and contacts.
  • Newsletter Editor: OPEN (Laurie LeFleur-Acting) – Receives from members, newsworthy events, news, shows, awards etc. Sends Press Releases to newspapers.
  • Publicity: OPEN – Posts meetings and events to online website calendars. Works with Newsletter editor for information.
  • Scholarship: Howard Muscott – Oversees the yearly statewide high school senior scholarship program including recruitment and review of applicants and working with scholarship committe to determine an awardee.
  • Webmaster: Tracey Goodwin – Maintains our website.
  • Hospitality: Peg Lipin Responsible for getting members to signup at the meeting for our snacks and runs the hospitality station. Sends reminders one week before the meeting signups and reminders for our snacks and runs the hospitality station.
  • Historian: Judy Gelinas Keeps all documents up to date and manages with Google Docs.
  • Meeting Assistants: Dolores Aucoin, Lorraine Aucoin, Rachel Paul Collects all the votes at each meeting for the AOTM program and other miscellaneous things as they come up.
  • Artist of the Month: Paul Ducret– Maintains and when needed finds new AOTM locations for monthly winners to display their art.
  • Facebook: Lyudmyla Hoffman– Administrator involved in keeping facebook postings and groups updated.

If you have not yet taken advantage of the web-site, it s a great place to let people see your work and have a way to contact you. If this is new for you, please let our webmaster Tracey Goodwin help you by contacting her at

MAA also welcomes new patrons and sponsors* at any time.

*Patrons and sponsors do not exhibit or vote.

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