Lending Library

Lending Library

MAA Lending Library currently has 41 instruction/”Inspirational” books and 8 DVDs available to MAA members who would like to borrow them. We also have a featured book of the month and this month is “Wet Watercolor” by Wilfred Ball

  Featured Book of the Month

This month’s feature is a newly donated book entitled “Wet Watercolor” by Wilfred Ball.  “It explores the infinite possibilities of wet-into-wet watercolor painting for more fluid and spontaneous style.”  The writer “encourages you to experiment-change your palette, use tinted paper, mix mediums, or introduce new elements for a fresh, new approach.”  If you’d like to take advantage to see how this book may give you new ideas and techniques to use in your works, it will be made available to you at our February meeting!  Just stop by the Library Desk (in the back of the room) and speak with our Librarian, Gin Demers.

The MAA Library recently received four new VHS tapes Tony Couch- Watercolor and one VHS tape Watercolor Painting-Fixing and Finishing Paper on Panels by Dustan Knight for those watercolorist who are looking for something new to view.

We have a good selection of art books for all mediums for you to borrow and learn from. If your stuck on a certain subject and need a little help then come and browse thru our library and you might just find what you need to finish the project. It doesn’t cost you anything and keep it out for a month or longer if you need to.

The books and videos are all available to members at our meetings so please take advantage of the great variety of books, dvd’s and video’s.

They are available at the table when you first walk in.

Below is a list of Books and DvD’s we have in our Library


Book #

Book Title



3 Splash 8/Watercolor Discoveries Wolf Watercolor
8 Harmonious Color Schemes Elaine Farmer
12 Responsive Drawing Nathan Goldstein
14 Expressing the Visual Language of the Landscape 20 Famous/ International Artists Mixed Medium
15 Eternal Truths for Every Artist Harley Brown Pastels
16 How to Capture MOVEMENT in your Paintings Julie Cassels Mixed Medium
19 Identifying Art Shirley Hockman Mixed Medium
24 The Mixed Media Sourcebook Sean Dye Mixed Medium
28 Tonal Values (How to see them, how to paint them) Angela Gair Mixed Medium
29 Paint the Sea in Oils Using Special Effects E. John Robinson Oils
30 Intuitive Light-Capture Illusion of Value, Form, Color & Space Handell & Handell Pastels
31 Painting Watercolors that Sparkle with Life Cindy Agan Watercolor
47 Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain Betty Edwards Watercolor
53 Early Watercolors Andrew Wyeth Watercolor
64 Painting the Impressionist Landscape-Interpreting Light and Color Lois Griffel Oils
69 Pure Color the Best of Pastel Maureen Bloomfield & James A Markle Pastels
71 Painter’s Guide to Design and Composition Margot Schulzke
72 Landscape Painting-Inside & Out Kevin MacPherson Oils
73 Putting People in your Paintings Laurel Hart Watercolor
74 Wolfe Kahns’ America Wolf Kahn Pastels
75 Watercolor in Bloom Mary Backer Watercolor
76 Abstracts-50 Inspirational Projects Rolina van Vliet Acrylics
77 How to Paint in Oils-Techniques, Materials, Demonstrations Stan Smith Oils
78 Wet Watercolor
Wilfred Ball Watercolor


123 Watercolor, Fixing & Finishing Paper on Panels Dustin Knight Watercolor
124 Rocks, Puddles, Weeds Tony Couch Watercolor
125 Winters Soft Mantle Tony Couch Watercolor
126 Symbols, Trees & Water Tony Couch Watercolor
127 Controlling Watercolor Tony Couch Watercolor
129 The Watercolorist’s Essential Notebook-Landscapes Gordon MacKenzie Watercolor
130 Get Started in Pastels-Paints the Landscape Deborah Secor Pastels
131 Pastel Painting Margaret Evans Pastels
132 Progressing With Pastel Barry Watkin Pastels
133 Watercolor Painting:Fixing & Finishing Paper on Panels Dustan Knight Watercolor
134 Watercolor Painting: Winter’s Soft Mantle Tony Couch Watercolor
135 Watercolor Painting: Symbols, Rocks, Puddles & Weeds Tony Couch Watercolor
136 Watercolor Painting: Controlling Watercolor Tony Couch Watercolor
137 Watercolor Painting-Symbols, Trees & Water Tony Couch Watercolor
138 No Light Watercolor Mark Mchaffrey Watercolor
139 Paints a Landscape Stephen Quiller

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